Unique Therapy for Unique People

It is my mission to provide a healing space where self-love can emerge.

It is my mission to provide a healing space where self-love can emerge.

Identity Exploration for All

I work with all ages, diverse identities, orientations, & walks of life. Whether you are questioning, gender non-conforming, non-binary, or interested in medical intervention, you are welcome. If your child or teen is questioning their gender identity, you've come to the right place.

Art Therapy 

Do you or your child prefer art making to talking? That's ok too! As a trained art therapist, I can offer specialized artistic approaches that support healing and identity exploration when talking is too hard. Art therapy can with expression when the words just aren't there.

Personal Experience Meets Professional Expertise

As a trans person myself, I have a personal and professional commitment to this work! I have expertise with transgender/gender nonconforming issues with children, teens, and adults. I can help with exploring lesbian, gay, bisexual, polyamorous, and queer identities.

Alternative Family Building

Does your family break the mold? Have you built a family through adoption, foster care, surrogacy, or donation? I also specialize in adoption and foster care issues including support with healing from trauma, abuse, loss, grief, and neglect.

More than Gender Issues!

Full Spectrum Therapy seeks to provide counseling to all people: straight, gay, trans, cis, magical, muggle... I offer open-minded counseling to all. My style is causal, supportive, and warm. 


**Full Spectrum Therapy does not offer urgent crisis support. If you are in crisis, please contact 911 for life-threatening emergencies. For other types of crisis, contact one of the support lines listed on our resources page.**



From childhood and beyond, my practice includes people from across the spectrum! No matter where you fall in the rainbow, we all seek happiness and peace of mind. It is my mission to provide a healing space where self-love can emerge.
Services include child, teen, adult, and family therapy.